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Manage your plans, people and processes through mobile crisis and incident management.

Features include:

  • Activation – Easily activate your plans and teams.
  • Escalation – Know who to call and what questions to ask with guided incident assessment and escalation.
  • Roles and responsibility – View and interact with checklists that help you know your role and the role of others.
  • Automated log keeping – every action taken is automatically logged and this running log can be viewed by anyone at any time so everyone can know what is happening.
  • Mobile control centre – with a user-friendly interface that tracks actions, assigns tasks and manages incidents.

The Battleground app is part of Battleground, an online platform designed for the development, management and simulation of your organisation’s business continuity lifecycle.

In addition to the app, the platform allows you to develop your Business Impact Analysis and simulation model online. Now you can easily capture the data you need and combine it with contact lists, recovery strategies and simulations that test your teams and plans through exercises.

Moreover, the app’s Incident Management feature allows you to create incidents online and manage them through your mobile device with or without data connectivity.